Our discoveries and story so far

To date, your information has been used in almost 3,000 academic papers, many of which have attracted national and international attention. We've used your data to conduct research into factors influencing health and development, and researchers all over the world have had the opportunity to do the same. 

This page highlights recent discoveries that have resulted from your commitment to Children of the 90s.

For more research findings visit our Newsletter section or read about our earliest findings in our 21st anniversary book: 21 Years - Our Journey.

Children of the 90s Discoveries:


Professor Nic Timpson discusses the study's contribution to the global pandemic. 

Suzi Gage questions whether smoking can affect our education. 

Dr. Giles Yeo explains how people living with obesity are fighting their biology.

Dr. Alex Kwong tells us how mental health changed across the pandemic and for whom. 

Dr. Suzi Gage tell us whether screen time is making young people's mental health worse.

Uploaded March 2022

Professor Nishi Chaturvedi discusses some of the research about long COVID, as a result of Children of the 90s data. 

Dr. Becky Mars questions whether the internet can harm mental health and how to prevent this. 

Dr. Tim Morris tells us whether personalised education based upon a child's genes is necessary. 

Dr. Rebecca Pearson explains that depression is at least as common during pregnancy as after birth. 

Dr. Kush Abeysekera discusses the prevalence of liver disease and how Children of the 90s can help understand this trend. 

Dr. Caroline Taylor explains whether or not we should worry about picky eaters. 

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