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Children of the 90s looks at people’s lives to understand all aspects of health and wellbeing. How might your health and lifestyle affect your children and grandchildren? How do our genes and environment affect our wellbeing?

In the early 1990s, the study invited all pregnant women in the wider Bristol area to enrol in a longitudinal health study. By answering questions and attending regular clinics, the health of the 14,500 babies has since been followed throughout their life.

Thirty years on, Bristol’s Children of the 90s health study is unique for its detailed collection of health data and biological samples.

Researchers using our data have published more than 3,000 research papers. The findings are helping to tackle society’s big health issues such as cancer, obesity, heart, lung and liver disease plus mental health. The findings are shared with the NHS, government and public health bodies to find better treatments and improve all our health. 

There are now three generations involved in the study:

If you are eligible to take part (i.e. you were born in the Bristol or Avon area from April 1991- December 1992), or if wish to enrol your child, please email info@childrenofthe90s.ac.uk.

Children of the 90s has just been fantastic in so many ways. It has revealed some really profound insights into the way we grow and develop as humans. It's revealing important information not just for medics, for medicine, but for all of us.

Dr Alice Roberts
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