Leica Application Suite X

Leica Application Suite X (LAS X) is a commercial software platform for microscope control and for image acquisition, management, processing and analysis.

This package (or equivalent) is installed on all facility Leica systems. An additional core functionality version is freely available online for image viewing and basic processing and analysis.


  • Software platform designed to manage entire microscopy workflow from acquisition to image management, processing and analysis.
  • Core version includes functionality for basic processing and analysis (image cropping, filtering, thresholding and intensity trace measurements).
  • Optional modules add functionality for advanced techniques such as object segmentation, particle tracking, 3D visualisation and deconvolution.


  • Consistent interface between microscope acquisition software and offline analysis suite provides familiar environment for image management.
  • Native reading and saving of Leica .lif files produced by all facility Leica systems.
  • Performs well with massive image files (>10 GB)
  • Integration with third party image processing software including Huygens deconvolution (also available within the facility).


  • Limited functionality of core version.


  • Primary microscope control software installed on all Wolfson Bioimaging Facility computers connected to Leica systems.
  • 3D visualisation modules included on Confocals 10 and 11.
  • Free “core” version available online (see Additional Information).
  • Available on image processing computer in room C27/U (data analysis suite). Access to this computer can be booked on PPMS.

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