Image analysis workstations

We provide a range of analysis workstations, accessible to all facility users.

We provide a range of analysis workstations, accessible to all facility users. These are all based in the image analysis suite (room C27\U) except for Stelzer and Denk, which are in the Phase 2 lobby area. Many can also be used remotely using the University’s 'remote gateway' service.

Most workstations are free to use for facility users; however, time on higher specification workstations (Axelrod, Huygens and Stelzer) is currently charged via PPMS at £2.10 per hour.

Due to the limited number of available computers, please only book workstations if you are unable to process your images via other means. The vast majority of users should be able to use the remote gateway service to access either their own computer on campus, or a generic server-based desktop.

Remote access

To use available workstations, you will first need to request remote gateway access via an IT Services ticket.

As with microscopes, please book time on all analysis workstations using PPMS. You will need to connect to the University VPN in order to use PPMS.

Since only one user can be logged on at any given time it is important that all use is booked in advance via PPMS. Similarly, please save data regularly in case you get disconnected. Ideally, no data would be stored locally on the computer (RDSF or OneDrive are much safer options). 

To connect to these computers, please follow the instructions here and use the addresses listed in the workstation table below. 


WorkstationLocationIT tagSpecificationPriceSpecial software
Axelrod C27/U IT038876 Dual 10-core Xeon CPUs, 128 GB RAM £2.10/h  
Denk (lightsheet only) C27/U IT062131 Quad core i7 CPU, 16 GB RAM Free Arivis Vision 4D
EM analysis C27/U IT056714 Xeon CPU, 48GB RAM, Drawing tablet Free  
Hell (Remote only) C27/U IT027371 Quad core i7 CPU, 32 GB RAM Free Imaris
Huygens C27/U IT038875 Dual 10-core Xeon CPUs, 128 GB RAM, Titan-XP GPU £2.10/h Huygens
Minsky C27/U IT052856 Quad core i7 CPU, 32 GB RAM Free  
Stelzer (lightsheet only) Phase 2 lobby     £2.10/h Arivis Vision 4D
Rasband C27/U IT038879 Quad core Xeon CPU, 32 GB RAM Free  




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