Huygens is a software package designed for image restoration via deconvolution.

Deconvolution is an algorithm-based approach for reassigning out-of-focus light to its origin, thus improving signal-to-noise in images. This is most evident for images collected on widefield systems; however, it can also be applied to confocal, STED and lightsheet images. Huygens has additional functionality for standard image processing and analysis operations.


  • Deconvolution of microscopy images including those from widefield, confocal and STED systems.
  • Capacity to use acquired or simulated PSFs for characterisation of optical system being deconvolved.
  • Warning of sub-optimal parameters for deconvolution. 
  • Nyquist sampling calculator available online to suggest correct parameters for image acquisition (see Additional Information).
  • Image processing and analysis features, including colocalisation, segmentation, photobleach correction and 3D visualisation.


  • High-performance in in-house tests on deconvolution compared to other software packages (widefield and confocal tested).
  • Intuitive wizards for parameter selection and processing.


  • Single license available in facility and no free version for home/personal use.


  • Commercial software requiring a license.
  • Additional functionality requires further module licences.
  • Available on image processing computer in room C27/U (Data analysis suite). Access to this computer can be booked on PPMS.

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