Academics in the Faculty are working on world leading research within arts and humanities. We have the expertise to help you.

Partner with our researchers and engage our students to spark ideas, exchange expertise and develop projects that shape the world around us.


Collaborate with us on projects and activities for mutual benefit. Working together we can combine our expertise, creativity and curiosity to develop solutions for our challenges. We are doing ground-breaking work to exchange ideas with communities and the public to explore the entrepreneurial potential of our research. Together we can:

Engage with our Research Centres and Groups. They are driving innovation through interdisciplinarity, developing new approaches to existing challenges and pioneering research in new areas.

Enhance collaborative doctoral training with us at the home to the South, West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership.


Engage with our students as part of their programmes. Help us devise real-world challenges that enable students to apply their subject knowledge and skills creatively and at the same time bring benefit to your teram and the wider community.

Options include:

  • Generating a client-led brief.
  • Developing an engaged learning opportunity.
  • Offering a placement

For more information on education partnerships, please contact the Faculty's Career Leads:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Contact us at to explore opportunities for collaboration, consultancy and funding.

Read more about our research in our Arts Matter blog.

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