Let's collaborate

Working together is key to tackling the environmental challenges we face today. We can work with you to bring together expertise from across disciplines to provide insights and solutions to complex issues.

Why collaborate with us?

  • We have a well-established and well-connected academic research community with links to existing global partnerships and networks.
  • We have a huge breadth of research and expertise that can help you achieve your organisation's objectives, solve challenges and innovate.
  • We can help you to develop skills and expertise that are required in our changing world and will help accelerate your career in the environmental sector.

How can we work together?

Our approach to partnership working is to encourage equitable and inclusive collaborations. We recognise every partnership is different and we will work with you to understand what you would like to achieve and find a way of working that provides mutual benefit. Here are some of the ways in which we can partner with you.

Contact us

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact Sophie Ross-Smith, Cabot Institute Manager.

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