Performance swimming programme

The University of Bristol Performance swimming programme is run by Coach Jez Birds and offers;

  • Up to 10x weekly pool sessions
  • Strength and conditioning sessions
  • Access to nutrition, psychology and lifestyle guidance for the complete student-performance athlete environment.

Programmes are individualised to match not only event specifics and athlete needs, but also to complement student lifestyle and academic timetables. As such, our aim at Bristol is to provide a platform by which every swimmer can realise their full potential both in and out of the water.

Please contact Performance Swimming Coach Jez Birds to register your interest

Price per month (DD)

Public P1 - £80

Public P2 - £60

UOB Staff P1 - £60

UOB Staff P2 - £45

UOB Student P1 - £40

UOB Student P2 - £30

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