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Redeem rewards for your daily activity with the Bristol Moves+ app

We are aware of some technical issues being experienced by a small number of Moves+ users and are working with the app developers to provide solutions as quickly as possible. In the meantime, please read our FAQ and if your issue persists, you can contact us via email.

About Bristol Moves+

Bristol Moves+ is a free app that allows University of Bristol students and staff to gain points for the exercise and activity they do. Using rewards and incentives such as free hot drink vouchers, apparel and other rewards, Moves+ users will be motivated to increase their daily activity and subseqently benefit from the positive impact of being more active, more often in daily life.

Our Vision

Our vision for Bristol moves+ is to create a digital platform which supports students and staff at Bristol to kickstart their journey to positive, sustainable and improved physical and mental health and wellbeingWith the help of Bristol moves+, users will feel better and more connected, as part of a supportive community of peers.

Download the Moves+ app from the App Store or Google Play Store.


✔ Rewards - redeem points for the points you collect from your daily movement
✔ Badges - celebrate your achievements and milestones with in-app badges
✔ Groups - connect with your peers in public or private groups
✔ Challenges - join regular active Challenges to collect bonus points

How it works

  1. Watch our Bristol moves+ introductory video
  2. Download the Moves+ app from the Apple app store or Google Play store
  3. Register for an account using your University of Bristol email
  4. Connect your preferred activity tracker
  5. Start collecting points for your daily activity
  6. Join Global or Group Challenges to get bonus points
  7. Redeem your points for rewards (check out our FAQs for more information on redeeming your rewards)

Reward collection pop-ups

Come and meet the team and collect your cups, bottles, t-shirts or hoodies at the Indoor Sports Centre (reception). Days and times for collections are as follows:

  • Tuesdays, 13:30 -14:30
  • Tuesdays, 16:00 - 17:00
  • Thursdays, 13:30 -14:30

Please make sure you know your University username (e.g., ab12345) to verify your reward at collection.

Moves+ has been a great way to keep me motivated to get my daily steps up and I’ve really enjoyed joining the challenges with my friends

Maddy, 4th Year medic

Frequently Asked Questions

Help & support

If you are having issues with the platform, please read the the information below regarding common troubleshooting issues, or visit the FAQ page on the OpenPlay website for more detailed guidance.

Share your Moves+ ideas with us

Have you got an idea for an activity Challenge that we can run for our student and staff community? Do you want to make a suggestion of how Bristol moves+ can be even better? Send us an email

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