Choose from Active Connect, Active Choice or Active Complete for a membership that is tailored to your individual interests, and select the payment plan that best suits your needs.

Active 6

6 weeks of anytime gym, swim & fitness for £49.99

Plus, save 10% when you purchase an annual paid-in-full membership within 2 weeks of your Active 6 pass expiring. View our terms and conditions.

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Active Connect

Our most basic membership option.

  • Receive discounted Pay-As-You-Go activities across all University sports facilities
  • Discounts on merchandise (excludes tennis rackets and restringing services) and some 1:1 activities, such as personal training and our Sports Medicine Clinic.
  • Additional app access
  • Booking rights: 7 days in advance


Students  Staff and graduates  Public

A‌ctive Choice

  • All Active Connect benefits, plus ONE of the following:
    • Anytime gym*
    • Off-peak gym
    • Fitness classes
    • Swimming
  • Additional app access
  • Booking rights: 8 days in advance

*additional fees apply.


Students  Staff & Graduates  Public

Active Complete

All Active Connect benefits, plus ALL of the following:

  • Anytime gym, fitness classes and swimming
  • 50% off indoor tennis court hire
  • Free online events via the app, plus further app access
  • Free BUCS UNIversal pass (students & staff only)
  • Booking rights: 10 days in advance.


Students  Staff & graduates  Public

Langford Gym

All the benefits of Active Connect, plus access to our gym facilities at Langford Campus.


Students  Staff & Graduates

Active Juniors

Our Junior membership is now only obtained by those who are signed up to either our Swim School Programme or our Junior Tennis programme and are paying via Direct Debit. The benefits include;

Programme benefits:

Community exercise

A supported exercise programme for residents of our local community, offering guided classes and social sessions particularly suited for those with any health or mobility issues. 



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