Strategic priorities

The Sport, Exercise and Health Division contribute to the University strategy. Our programmes and services: support positive physical and mental health; provide skill development opportunities that enhance employability; deliver positive social interactions for students; create institutional pride; and generate a sense of belonging in the #WeAreBristol community 

Sport, Exercise and Health focusses on the following strategic priorities: 

  • Priority 1 – Increase student participation levels, driven by a focus on student health and wellbeing and student satisfaction. This will be achieved through an offer which is fair and equitable.
  • Priority 2 – Facilitate students gaining employability skills through sports leadership, volunteering, officiating, coaching and administration opportunities and experiences.
  • Priority 3 – Develop an inspirational and inclusive student-led sporting community, which allows sports clubs and talented athletes to reach their potential. This will be achieved in an environment which is built on pride, partnership, ambition and trust. 
  • Priority 4 – Contribute to the health and wellbeing of staff by providing access to healthy activities.






  • Priority 5 – Maximise commercial opportunities in a manner that creates significant opportunities for student development and/or provides income that can be reinvested in the student experience. 
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