Ignite Bristol Multi-Sport Festival - Volunteers' experience

Read our interview with two students who recently volunteered at the Ignite Bristol Multi-Sport Festival, on their experience of being involved in the event.

Arisha and Lucy's experience

What was your motivation for volunteering at the Ignite Multi Sport Inclusion festival? 

With a belief that physical activity is important for general health, Arisha wanted to spread “awareness about a variety of sports to people of different ages and abilities, especially those who have never been exposed to certain sports before”. 

Lucy wanted the opportunity to try something completely new and to work with children who deserve the chance to access sport just as much as everyone else. 

What was your main highlight from the event?  

Participating at the tennis station with different visitors. Getting into rallies was really fun in the sun!” – Arisha 

Playing wheelchair rugby with a group of children, getting to see them become braver as they felt more comfortable chasing me around the hall!” - Lucy 

What do you like about delivering inclusive sport or physical activity sessions?  

I get to see a person, who is new to a sport or is a beginner, start out nervous or unsure about the sport, then towards the end of the session, have fun, learn something new, and gain more confidence.”- Arisha 

 I loved the enthusiasm from everyone involved when delivering the inclusive sport session, especially the excitement of all the kids! - Lucy 

What impact has delivering inclusive sport and physical activity had on you in your role as a coach/volunteer/student? 

 It has made me much more aware of the differences that people around me could have. I make a more conscious effort to communicate as best I can with participants in a sports session to find out their associated needs and interests. I can tailor sessions to those needs and adapt accordingly so that more people can be included.” – Arisha 

 Delivering the sessions has had an extremely positive impact on me as a student; being surrounded all day with so much enthusiasm and excitement was really uplifting, and I had a great time doing something new that I was not aware even existed.” -  Lucy 

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Watch a recap of the event! (Instagram reel - @bristolunisport)

Arisha standing on a sports fields with a cricket bat in swing after hitting a ball  Lucy laughing holding part of a colourful parachute with other people on a sport fields with additional sport activities taking place in the background.

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