BUCS UNIversal scheme

What is the BUCS UNIversal Gym Membership?

UNIversal Gym passes open the doors to multiple gyms around the country, meaning you can work out wherever you are in the UK, helping staff and students stay active all year round. 

This means if you have a gym membership at your university gym of study or work and it's part of the network,  you will have access to many more gyms around the country at no extra cost.

So, when you are exploring the country with friends or visiting back home, you can access other university gyms near you to keep you active.

Who is eliegable for the UNIversal Gym Membership?

All University of Bristol students who take out a 12 month paid-in-full Active Plus membership are entitled to free access to 90+ university gyms via the BUCS UNIversal scheme.

How can I apply for a UNIversal Gym Membership

  1. Log in or register for a BUCS account.
  2. Search for BUCS UNIversal Gym
  3. Select 'University of Bristol'
  4. Send an approval request.
  5. Once approved you can book gym sessions at any participating university. 

How do I find out which gyms I can visit using my BUCS UNIversal pass?

Visit the BUCS UNIversal website for a full list of participating facilities.

Terms and conditions

  • All expiry dates for UNIversal Gym Membership during 2021-22 are 31 August 2022, regardless of the date the membership was purchased.
  • Excludes access to/students at UWE due to location. 
  • Members should check their guest facility for any additional terms in place, such as specific access hours for BUCS UNIversal visitors. 

External BUCS UNIversal visitors terms:

  • Visitors to our facilities using the BUCS UNIversal membership scheme will be subject to the conditions of use of our facilities as set out in Section 3 of our Terms and Conditions.
  • Please read the information about our gym induction process.
  • You're required to fill out this form before attending our facilities.
  • We reserve the right to close our facilities at any time especially during potential Covid-related mitigations.

Visit the BUCS UNIversal website for more information on the scheme and to find a participating university facilities.

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