Community Exercise

Community Exercise is a supported exercise programme for residents of our local community. It offers guided classes and social sessions particularly suited for those with any health or mobility issues.

Download the Community Exercise class timetable

Community Exercise Class Timetable Autumn 2023 (PDF, 119kB)

There are 3 separate payment method options for your new Community Exercise membership:

  • Monthly direct debit, giving you the option to cancel with just 30 days notice
  • Purchased annually, which offers you an annual saving equal to 3 months membership vs paying monthly
  • Pay as you go (PAYG) which allows you to access individual sessions for a cost of £6 per session.

Your membership allows you unlimited access to the Community Exercise class programme, so the more you go, the more you save, and it eliminates the need to purchase PAYG sessions at the reception desk, saving you time too. 

By signing up for the membership with us, it will allow you to book classes more than a week ahead whereas PAYG members will only be able to access sessions one week ahead if there is space.

Please note, there is a joining fee equivalent to one month's membership for new members who take our a pay monthly membership.  Annual payments do not incur a joining fee.

Health statement form

Please complete and return our community exercise health statement (PDF, 476kB) to the Indoor Sports Centre reception

Class descriptions

Aerobics: A variety of dance-based moves are put together into a short routine designed to improve heart health, coordination and agility. Modifications will be offered to suit all abilities, from beginners to the more energetic! Some mat-based or chair-based work is included for core strengthening and stretching.  

Badminton: Social badminton session for all abilities. No instructor will be present at these sessions.

Chair Yoga: A chair-based class, designed to enjoy the benefits of yoga without the need to get up and down from the floor. Standing exercises may be included at times, with seated variations offered. Exercises will promote flexibilitystrength, balance and dexterity. Attention is also given to breathing, concentration and relaxation practices, to improve mood and general well-being.  

Circuits: Interval training for all ability levels. You can work at your own pace around a circuit of 10-12 exercise stations. Chair-based options will be offered. Exercises alternate between cardio and strength and endurance. This class is higher intensity, but for short periods of time - exercise intervals are 1-minute, with a 30-second breakThe class concludes with mat-based floor work for core strengthening and stretching.

Guided Gym: Under the close supervision of a specialist instructor, you will learn how to safely use the equipment in the gym and be given a programme card to work from.

Gym: Sessions for members who have had a gym induction and are confident to use the equipment without close supervision.  

Move & Relax: A balance class focused on ‘dynamic postural control’. This class draws on elements of Tai Chi, Pilates, Ballet and Yoga to improve balance skills, strength, stability in motion, endurance and flexibility. Modifications for chair-based exercise will be offered. Floor exercises focused on restorative relaxation will rejuvenate and refresh you!

Move & Tone: low impact, aerobic class with the option of using light hand weights, soft balls and resistance bands to increase intensity, improve strength and challenge co-ordination. You will work at a slower pace than in the Aerobics session, to encourage full range of movement and optimal body alignment. Expect a full-body workout which includes some floor-based conditioning exercises and stretching.

Pilates: A mat-based class with slow, controlled exercises to promote core strength, stability, postural alignment and flexibility. Small pieces of equipment such as balls and bands may be used and the exercises can be adapted to suit all levels of ability. 

Swimming: Opportunity to swim exclusively with the Community Exercise group. A casual session which takes place in both the main pool for those who want to swim lengths [25m] and for those less confident access to the shallow area [10m x 8m]. Hoist available for additional support. Session supervised by lifeguards. No instructor present.

Yoga: Improves flexibility, strength and coordination as well as teaching breathing and relaxation techniques. You will leave feeling calm, energised and balanced, following a session of standing postures and mat based floor work. Suitable for beginners and the more experienced, with chair-based modifications offered as needed. 

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