We want to attract the best possible talent from the broadest range of people and continue to improve representation of groups that are under-represented across our workforce.  Adopting inclusive recruitment practices – from when you are developing the job description to deciding on who to appoint – can help support this aim.

Bringing together individuals from different backgrounds and with different personal circumstances brings a wider range of experience, leading to improved decision-making, innovation and problem solving.  To do this, we need to ensure that we avoid making decisions based on ‘culture fit’ which means ‘people like us’ and instead adopt an approach based on ‘culture add’ which means ‘people bringing different perspectives’.  Here are some areas to consider: 

Our University is amongst the largest and most visible employers in the city and we have a clear responsibility to ensure that we are increasingly representative of all the diverse communities that live and work in Bristol. The continuing growth and success of the University offers opportunities for everyone, and we should do all we can to build our reputation as an employer that is welcoming to all. But we can only do this if we are seen to be an employer who is fair, open and supportive, and a place where staff can bring their whole selves to work. I'm pleased to have the opportunity to build on all of this fantastic work that the University is already doing to make that happen.

James Bigwood, Director of People and Organisational Development
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