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The EDI Forum is a community of practice for colleagues who share a responsibility or remit for equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). It provides a space where they can share ideas, experiences and best practice and support each other in advancing inclusion in the workplace.

By joining the EDI Forum, you will become part of a wider community of colleagues who are involved in equity, diversity and inclusion at the University. By building a network of staff who work in and are interested in EDI, we can support the University's strategic aims to make the University a truly inclusive organisation. 

The EDI Forum will:

Empower you in activity designed to encourage the sharing of best practice, to generate new ideas and to improve communication and knowledge sharing.  

Develop your understanding of EDI through collective learning, problem solving and relationship building, thereby increasing your skills and confidence in advocating for EDI.   

Inspire you to take action to embed EDI in all aspects of your work to support the implementation of the University’s EDI Sub-Strategy, leading to better working practices across our organisation.  

Get involved 

To join our community, please email edi-team@bristol.ac.uk.


Working together to address common structural and cultural challenges will lead to better working practices for our university and help us to support our aim to be a truly inclusive organisation. We have established the EDI Forum as a community of practice to create opportunities for building capability, sharing knowledge and reducing duplication of work as we discover the similar things we are working on. It will also ensure that a diverse range of perspectives inform and influence the future development of central EDI activity to support the implementation of our university’s strategic aims.

Tracy Brunnock, Head of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Team
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