Volocity is a general purpose image processing and analysis suite specialising in visualisation of 3D and 4D data.


  • Core package permits visualisation of data, with functionality expanded through activation of additional packages (limited licenses available locally).
  • Quantitation package adds numerical analysis and image manipulation functions. These include tools for colocalisation analysis, correction of sample drift and flat field correction.
  • Visualisation package enables high quality temporal rendering of 3D structures (4D) and creation of movies.
  • Restoration package enables image deconvolution for reassigning out of focus light in image stacks. Before using this deconvolution tool it is worth discussing with support staff as use of Huygens software may be recommended.


  • Easy to use advanced graphical rendering for visualisation of structures in 3D and as a function of time (4D).
  • Capacity for automated batch processing.
  • Compatible with .lif image format produced by Leica LAS (used on majority of Wolfson Bioimaging Facility microscopes).


  • Product no longer updated by the developer (Improvision/PerkinElmer).
  • Proprietary software, so algorithms used for built-in processing can’t be evaluated.
  • Functionality can’t be extended beyond that supplied by the developer.


  • Commercial software requiring a license.
  • Available on image processing computers in room C27/U (data analysis suite). Access to these computers can be booked on PPMS.
  • Volocity can be installed on user's PCs on request using Wolfson Bioimaging-run license server. Please talk to a member of staff for this service. Due to the limited availability of licenses, the use of Volocity may need to be restricted and distributed in the future.

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