Imaris is a software package for segmentation, visualisation and quantitation of 3D and 4D imaging data, which is specialised for processing images of life sciences samples.

It includes high-quality rendering of complex multi-stage animations, and the functionality can be extended via use of custom ImageJ/Fiji macros or MATLAB scripts.


  • Automatic segmentation, tracking and measurement of objects in 4D using standard image processing approaches.
  • Manual curation of automated segmentation, such as splitting objects or hand-drawing new regions.
  • Additional module for 3D neuron/vasculature filament tracing.
  • Multi-dimensional graph plotting allows visualisation of data in 3D with additional parameters encoded as colour and object scale.
  • Batch processing of image sets using pre-defined routines.


  • Optimised for segmentation of life sciences samples.
  • High-quality 3D and 4D rendering. The 'Key Frame Animator' feature allows users to link together animation sequences and create complex movies.
  • Functionality can be extended via compatibility with ImageJ/Fiji macros and MATLAB scripts.


  • Single license available in facility and no free version for home/personal use.


  • Commercial software requiring a license.
  • Additional functionality requires further module licences.
  • Available on a single image processing computer in room C27/U (Data analysis suite). Access to this computer can be booked on PPMS.

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