Tecnai 20 - FEI 200kV Twin Lens (STEM)

Our FEI Tecnai 20 200 kV Twin lens TEM is optimised for cryo-EM, electron tomography, TEM and STEM experiments.

It is suitable for other applications requiring high resolution imaging or analysis of thick sections.

Special features:

  • Availability of cryo equipment including rapid freezing equipment for preparing samples and Gatan cryo-transfer holder, FEI cold box and Low Dose and EPU software for analysis on the microscope.
  • LaB6 filament for improved resolution and brightness.
  • FEI Ceta 4k x 4k CCD camera as well as a plate camera.
  • HAADF (high angle annular darkfield) scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) detector for high contrast imaging of high atomic number elements (gold, quantum dots in biological samples).
  • Twin lens system with improved aberration correction (spherical and chromatic; Cs and Cc).
  • Generation of 3D tomographic data from thick samples is enabled by collection of tilt series images between -70° and +70° using a dedicated Fischione tomography holder. Dedicated FEI software enables acquisition of electron tomography data in TEM and STEM modes.

More information and access

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