Wi-fi and internet access

How to get internet access on campus and advice for using wi-fi away from the University.

On campus or in University residences

The university wireless network is called eduroam. As a student, you should use this service rather than the guest Wifi or a mobile network.

Off campus or in private accommodation

Unfortunately, we cannot directly assist in improving your home broadband services or make recommendations for any particular provider.

We have gathered the following guidance from reliable sources, giving advice on what you can do.

If you have slow or poor wifi

If you have slow or poor internet connection in your private accommodation, you can:

  • find a non-silent study space on campus, where you will be able to use the University wireless service and take part in online seminars and study sessions
  • apply for the Financial Hardship Fund for help with upgrading your wifi, if you are experiencing financial harship

Troubleshooting common broadband issues

Your internet service provider will often provide advice and support.

Remember that home and mobile broadband connections are usually slower to upload than download.

Get the best deal from a broadband provider

If you don't have a broadband connection

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