Software and online resources

You will have access to a range of software and tools that will enable you to communicate and study with others.

We aim to provide you with software and tools to enable you to study, communicate and collaborate with lecturers and fellow students.

Microsoft Office 365

Some software is available for personal use either for free or at a reduced cost once you are a registered student.

  • Microsoft Office 365 is available for free to install on up to five personally owned devices. This is the full version of Office, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and OneDrive for Business. Install Office 365.
  • OneDrive for Business for document storage and sharing.
  • Microsoft Teams for instant messaging, video calls and collaborative working.

Look at the Microsoft 365 support site (UoB access only) for guidance.

This and other course-specific specialist software is available once you have registered with us (normally a week or so before the start of your course).

University of Bristol app

Provides the information you need to make the most out of your time at Bristol. 

Key features include: 

  • access to your personalised teaching timetable 
  • how to find help and support 
  • helpful guides about your university experience 
  • listings of events and activities to get involved in 
  • registration of attendance lectures, seminars, labs and other teaching sessions. 

Download from Google Play or the App Store or use the web browser version


Blackboard is our online learning environment to support and enhance your learning. It provides a range of tools for online communication, collaboration and assessment.

Get help with using Blackboard. Have a look around your online learning space too and get familiar with variety of materials and tasks to engage with your learning.

Find more information about how Blackboard is used and supported.

Lecture recordings - Re/Play

Re/Play is our lecture recording system. It captures audio and slide content of lectures. More information about Re/Play.

Other software

Many resources are available to use both on site and outside of the campus. Where possible, specialist software needed for a course will be available to either:

Find out what software is available to download free of charge or at a reduced rate. (UoB access only).

Assistive technology

Assistive software is installed on computers across our libraries and study centres. Some software can be be installed on other University-managed PCs by request.

This includes voice recognition software, screen readers, mind mapping resources and PDF scanning.

Find out more about the assistive software that you can access.

Library online resources

The library has a wide range of resources available online. Guidance on accessing the library's electronic resources.

Access online resources away from the campus

Many resources are available to use both on site and outside of the campus. You can access many resources using the Student Remote Desktop (UoB access only). The Student Remote Desktop works in exactly the same way as if you were using a computer on campus.

For general advice read the guidance on working away from the University (UoB access only) and on accessing the library's electronic resources.

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