Leaving the University

Find out how to prepare for leaving the University and and what happens to your IT access.

How to prepare for leaving university

Work through our checklist if you are approaching the end of your studies:

IT access

When you finish your studies, your end date is your award date if you are successful. If you withdraw from your studies, your end date will be the date your withdrawal is processed. Your account will be closed shortly afterwards.

To prepare for your IT account closing, we will send you email notifications:

  • 35 days before your UCard expires
  • 14 days before your UCard expires
  • 2 weeks before your IT account is closed.

Alumni mailbox

Request an alumni mailbox

An alumni mailbox provides you with a new email address in the format username@alumni.bristol.ac.uk. It allows you to continue receiving emails sent to your original student email address.

You can request that your student emails are copied over to your alumni mailbox. For data protection reasons, if you have worked for the University, it will not be possible to retain your email history.

You can keep your alumni mailbox for up to 5 years after you graduate, but we will ask you to renew annually to ensure it is still in use.

Currently, alumni mailboxes are not available to postgraduate research students and some shorter courses such as pre-sessional courses.

Building and library account access 

Your student building access and library account access will end on the date your UCard expires. You can find this information in Student Info under your Personal Details.

If your programme end date changes, we will update your record so that your access requirements are appropriately extended. 

When your UCard expires, you will no longer be able to:

  • Enter buildings with UCard access
  • Borrow books from the library

If you have any questions about your programme end date, contact your Faculty Office.

Starting a new course

If you are starting a new course at university, most students will lose their Ucard and library access in the interim period. Your access will then be reactivated when you start your new course, but you will need a new Ucard.

You will still have access to your old course emails and OneDrive files.

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