Submit an extenuating circumstances form

Guidance on how to complete the form to tell the university about your exceptional circumstances.

If your assessments have been affected by exceptional circumstances, you can ask the exam board to consider them by submitting an extenuating circumstances form. The exam board decides what action (if any) should be taken to mitigate the impact your circumstances may have had on your academic performance.

Deadline to submit your form

You need to let us know about your circumstances before the exam board meets (before you get your results).

Submit your form by the first working day after the affected assessment period. Your school will confirm the final deadline.

If you miss the deadline for a good reason, you can follow the academic appeals process after you receive your results to explain why you could not submit them before.

How to complete the form

Open the form and follow the guidance below.

Provide as much information as possible. Be clear and concise and explain how the circumstances affected your academic performance. 

Open the form

Enter the dates affected

Tell us when you were affected, this may be throughout the year or a particular assessment.

It is usually 7 days or more, but may be less in some circumstances.

  • Submit a form for each teaching block or assessment period affected by your circumstances.
  • Submit a new form if your circumstances have gone beyond the end date of a previous form.
  • You can link your forms to show where circumstances are related.

If you are submitting a form to tell us about circumstances that will affect you beyond the current date, you can select a date in the future.

If you submit your form on or before:

  • 1 October, the latest end you can select is 28 (29 February)
  • 1 March, the latest end date you can select is 30 June
  • 1 July, the latest end date you can select is 30 September.

For example, if you need recovery time after an operation or have an upcoming court case. This does not replace your school's normal process for planned and authorised absences.

If you transfer course

If you transfer to a new course, you will need to submit a new form for any ongoing circumstances. This does not apply if you transfer to or from an integrated masters course.

Select units and assessments affected

Choose the units or assessments affected by your circumstances.

If you are not registered, or the wrong units show, contact your school office before you submit the form.

Evidence to support your request

You must submit evidence to support your request. You can use:

  • new evidence to support your request or,
  • evidence you have uploaded before for a previous request.

Where possible, only submit your form when you have the evidence ready. If you need to submit evidence after you have submitted the form, contact your school.

You cannot delete files once uploaded. If you:

  • upload the wrong file, but you have not submitted yet, abandon the procedure and start again.
  • submit your request and upload the wrong file, contact your school and ask them to remove your form. Then submit a new form with the correct file(s).

Upload your files

Edit your form

If you need to edit a submitted form, contact your school. They will set the status of your form to 'Further action required'. Resubmit the form after you have edited it.

You cannot delete the form once it has been submitted. Contact your school if you want to delete it.

Check the status of your form

You can check the status of your form at any point. Find out what the different statuses mean.

After you submit your form

Your school's Extenuating Circumstances Committee (ECC) will review your form and evidence.

They will inform the exam board of the impact of your circumstances, but the exam board are not given any details about your circumstances. Find about about the potential outcomes the exam board can take. 

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