St Nicholas Street residence guide

Your guide to living in St Nicholas Street, including instructions specific to your residence and other important information.

What's in the room

  • Bed with mattress
  • Desk
  • Desk chair
  • Desk lamp
  • Wardrobe
  • Bedside table
  • Shelves
  • Bin
  • Mirror
  • TV
  • Curtains/blinds.

Find out what you should bring with you and items that are not permitted.

What's in the communal areas


  • Oven
  • Hob
  • Fridge-freezer
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Sink
  • Kettle
  • Toaster
  • Cupboard and storage
  • General waste and recycling bins.

Bathroom and shower facilities

  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Washbasin
  • Towel rail
  • Toilet brush and holder.


  • TV
  • Sofa
  • Dining table and chairs
  • Coffee table
  • Iron and ironing board.

Find out what you should bring with you and items that are not permitted.  

Access to the building

A key card provides access to this residence.

Bike storage

Bike storage is located on the ground floor, next to the laundry room. There is no lock on the door so you will need to bring your own bike lock.

Bicycles must not be brought into the house/flats due to fire regulations. Any bicycle found in the building, including in bedrooms, will be removed. 

Find out more about bike security and storage in University accommodation.

Catering options

This residence is self-catered, but food and drink packages are available to purchase.

Cleaning, recycling and rubbish

Communal areas are cleaned daily. You are responsible for keeping your flat clean and taking out the rubbish. 

The Student Cleaning Expectations and Guidance document has some helpful information on what cleaning products to use and how, so you know what to do to ensure your accommodation is cleaned well and that you are maintaining a healthy environment.

Find out more about your cleaning and recycling responsibilities in University accommodation.

Recycling bins

Recycling bins are located at the front of the building.

Emergency and out of hours contacts for St Nicholas Street

If you are off campus or in your residence (third party properties), call 999 in an emergency.

Find out more about health, safety and security in university accommodation.

For non-emergencies, your residences out of hours contacts are:

Fire safety

Find out more about fire safety in University accommodation.

Fire assembly point at St Nicholas Street

The fire assembly point for St Nicholas Street is by the Slug and Lettuce.

Fire alarm testing

Fire alarms will be tested every Friday at 3 pm. You do not need to evacuate during a fire alarm test.

First aid

First aid boxes are located at the East Village Student Support Centre.

If you have an accident or near miss while in accommodation, report it to the East Village Student Support Centre. We need to know about it so that steps can be taken to prevent it from happening again.

Find out more about medical care and first aid in University accommodation.


Basic personal belongings are insured as part of your accommodation contract.

Check your policy and arrange additional cover if required.


The internet provider for this residence is Zen Internet. We will provide connection instructions on arrival.

The internet is managed by the building manager so please direct any queries or problems to them.

Laundry facilities and costs

Laundry facilities are located on the ground floor of the building.

There is no charge for using the machines.

You need to bring your own washing powder or tablets.

Drying clothes

You should not dry wet clothes in your room. This causes condensation and mould which can cause health problems, including some potentially serious lung infections.

Lost keys or locked out

If you lose your key card or can't get into your residence, you will need to contact the out-of-hours team on 0333 666 2000.

The contact details will also be displayed on posters in the residence.

If you have lost your key, there will be a charge for a replacement.

Lost property

Lost property will be kept in the East Village Student Support Centre, and disposed of within two months if not claimed.


There are no parking facilities at residences in the East Village.  


The University does not permit the use of private e-scooters and they must not be brought into residences or stored in bike storage areas.


Your address is: Your name, flat/room number, 25 St Nicholas Street, Bristol, BS1 1DL.

You can collect your post from the post boxes that are located by the front door inside the building. You will need to organise the delivery of parcels.

Rent and tenancy dates

The dates of your tenancy and total accommodation fee can be found in your tenancy agreement in the Accommodation Portal.

Guidance for how and when to pay your fees can be found on the 'Pay your fees' page

Request a repair

All repairs or maintenance requests must be logged with your residence. If you don’t tell us about an issue, it will be picked up at the end of your tenancy and you may be charged.

To request a repair or maintenance, email

Please provide as much detail as possible about the repair or maintenance required.


If you break or damage something in your residence you need to report it to us.

If you don't tell us, it will be picked up at the end of your tenancy and you may be charged for the repair.

Social spaces

There are no social spaces in St Nicholas Street.

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