Medical care and first aid

Life-threatening emergency

Call 999 immediately or go to your nearest hospital.

After calling 999

If you are on campus call Security Services on 0117 331 1223.

First aid

First aid boxes contain bandages, wound dressings, sterile eye pads, plasters and other items to help with minor injuries. No medication, such as paracetamol, is kept in the first aid box.

If you have suffered a minor injury, you can find first aid boxes in any of the Student Support Centres.

To find out where your nearest first aid box is in your accommodation, please refer to your Residence Guide.

Report an accident or near-miss incident

If you have an accident or near miss while in University accommodation, you must report it to your Student Support Centre. We need to know about it so that steps can be taken to prevent it happening again.

A near-miss is an incident can be anything that havs resulted in an injury, such as slipping on the stairs or tripping on uneven flooring.

Health and safety

The University takes its health and safety responsibilities very seriously. We expect you to take reasonable care for your own health and safety and that of others.

Any activities that could put you or someone else in danger may result in disciplinary action.


Make sure you know the signs and symptoms of meningitis. If you recognise any of these symptoms contact your doctor urgently or call NHS 111.

Students' Health Service

We offer a full NHS doctor service to all students and their families who live locally.

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