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Every sport needs coaches, and the skills you can develop through being a coach are valuable wherever life takes you. Put simply, coaching is helping others to achieve their full potential. It is a unique skill that can provide a wide range of rewarding experiences.

We are always looking for additional ways to support student coaches, from informal mentoring to additional training as well as the chance to meet other students who have taken on a similar role.

How to get involved

A new strand to Game Changers is our Coach Development Preparation Module; if students would like to get a coaching qualification and receive funding to support that opportunity, you can do so through Game Changers.

How it works:
1) Sign up to the Game Changers programme.
2) Attend an Introduction drop-in to discuss your 'Coach Development Plan'.
3) You will then be able to book onto your course & get started.
Game Changers will cover 75% of the cost anything up to £200 - The rest needs to be supported by yourself as the individual or your sports club/society (if agreed).
4) On completion of the course, we will reimburse the agreed funds... but you now need to complete 10 hours volunteering within your club or community.
5) Game Changers Completed!

Coaching added a whole new dimension to my experience of being involved in sport at Bristol. Taking responsibility for a group of players and building a team has made for an amazing season!

George Fox, Student Football Development Coach

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