Bristol has a Network of regular social running and walking groups for students and staff, taking place across campus.

What are social Run and Walk Groups?

Social running and walking groups are regular, informal and friendly groups of students and staff who come together to go for a walk or run before, during or after their work or study day. Groups are led by students and staff volunteers. 

Most are open to both students and staff to join, however some Groups are exclusively for staff,  exclusively for students, or exclusively for those in a particular faculty, school or division. Information about who is welcome at each Group will be listed in the Group’s information. 

Join a group 

Information about all our current running and walking groups is listed below. Each group is different so make sure to read all the group details to make sure it’s the right group for you. 

If you can’t find a suitable group, you can contact us for guidance as some groups may be taking a break. Alternatively, you could start your own group


Become a Group Leader

Any student or staff member can volunteer to become a Run or Walk Group Leader. Visit our Running and Walking Group Leadership page for information about how to start your own group. 

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