Cardholder responsibility

Conditions of use

The UCard is the property of the University of Bristol and must be returned to the Card Service Desk, card issuer or Faculty when you leave the University.

You are required to have your UCard with you at all times when you are on University property.

You must not let anyone else use your UCard - if you do your UCard will be disabled and confiscated. 

You must not let unauthorised persons enter University premises.

Your UCard acts as your Library Membership Card and you must also comply with Library Regulations. 

If you lose your UCard there is a £10 replacement charge for both staff and students.

Authentication and authorisation

Before a UCard can be issued the cardholder must be registered or authenticated.  The type of authorisation varies with the type of card and service entitlement.

The University UCard fulfils the function of an identity card whilst on University grounds and should be carried at all times.  Any person not displaying their UCard must show it when requested by a member of staff.  Lanyards with a ‘yo-yo’ retractable card holder or a belt reel, incorporating a retractable card holder, have been provided to all students and staff free of charge in order to help with the carrying and displaying of their UCard.

Visiting groups

Where members of the public visit in groups it may be impracticable to provide visitor passes for everyone.  In this situation the group leader must ensure that all members of the group stay together throughout the visit and when they leave.