No Place for Hate: Response to Islamophobic hate letters in the UK

The University of Bristol and Bristol SU are united in our condemnation of the recent national attempts to incite hatred and violence towards Muslims. Our Muslim students and staff are part of our University community and we want to reassure all students and staff that we will not tolerate hate on our campuses.
To our knowledge, no University of Bristol students or staff have received a letter. However, if you do receive a letter or any similar threats, you should report it to the police by calling 101 (the police non-emergency number). You should report any attempts to incite violence to University Security Services. They are aware of this issue and are ready to support students and staff. You can find details for contacting them and further information on our personal safety web page.
If any students or staff feel concerned about this issue and would like to talk to someone, details of our support services can be found on our student health and wellbeing website. These services include our Multifaith Chaplaincy, which is open to all members of the University of any, or no faith, and has a team of Chaplains and local faith contacts who represent a range of religions, including our Muslim Chaplains. There is always a Chaplain on duty during opening hours who will be happy to talk to you about anything in confidence.