VIP visits

Planned visits to the University of important visitors (VIPs).

'VIPs include: Royalty, Heads of State (and deputies), Government Ministers (UK and overseas), senior, influential or controversial MPs and Politicians, potential benefactors, senior officers from charitable trusts, heads or senior officers of higher education bodies (e.g. HEFCE, research councils, QAA, etc).'

There may be others types of VIPs: if in doubt, please contact the Communications and Marketing Services Director. In the event of a planned visit, brief details should be emailed as soon as they are known to: The Vice Chancellor and his Personal Assistant, The Registrar (or deputy), the Communications and Marketing Services Director (or assistant director) and the Head of Security (or deputy).

The University can then ensure that relevant senior staff and/or a security presence, if appropriate, and by agreement, are available and appropriately briefed.

There is no automatic presumption that members or representatives of University senior management have to attend visits or talks to the University's faculties or departments, or the Union or its societies.

It would helpful if University or Union organisers could indicate in any notification whether they would prefer that members or representatives of senior management did or did not attend.


Event Planning

‌Requests for Events

The conduit to the events panel for external events is the Soft Services Coordinator. Any requests regarding external events should be sent to here in the first instance.

This includes any events such as;

  • Stall for charity cake sales.
  • Stall for any fund raising activity.
  • Stall to give out information.    
  • External company's wanting to put on events.

Open Days

Open days are a perfect example of the vital role security play in event management for the University. Averages of over 20'000 people visiting the campus provide a significant challenge to planning and organisation. These visitors are not confined to one area unlike other Universities and are scattered throughout the City of Bristol. Security provide the backbone to the event, managing traffic, road closure and first aid response. Their in depth knowlege of the University Estate proves valuable in helping visiting members of the public navigate their way around the various departments and faculties.‌

Notable Visitors

The University is often host to a wide variety of Dignitaries/politicians and royalty. As a result this requires security to collarborate and liase with the relevant agencies involved such as, Special Branch, The Home Office, Avon and Somerset Constabulary, The Royal Protection Service as well as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Security are directly involved with planning VIP visits with these agencies, and work with them to ensure safety, protection, precaution and asset management.

Examples of notable visitors in recent years include;

Former Head of Nasa - General Charles Bolden

• English Actor - Daniel Day Lewis

• Britians best known natural history film maker - Sir David Attenborough

• Royal Visits include - HRH Prince Andrew, The Duchess of Cornwall Camilla-Parker Bowles, The Countess of Wessex-Sophie Wessex

• Rt Hon. David Willitts MP

• Rt Hon. David Blunkett MP

• Fomer Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party and Deputy Prime Minister - Nick Clegg MP