SafeZone: Overseas travel safety app

What is SafeZone?

SafeZone is a free-to-use safety app for staff and students to use when they travel overseas. The app is mandatory for all staff and students who are travelling abroad for study, research or business purposes.

The mobile app allows you to contact the University's Security Services if you ever need urgent help, or if you want to let Security Officers know where you are. 

You can still call or email your School, Division or Placement Coordinator or Security Services and the Insurance Emergency Helpline without the app if you want to. SafeZone is an additional service that is more efficient and is a responsive way of communicating with the University if you need assistance in an emergency. Use of the service is endorsed by the staff and student Trade Unions.

If you have a University device, you may need to enable roaming before travelling abroad. More information can be found on the IT Services Intranet page.

How to use SafeZone

Once you have downloaded the app, register by entering your University email address.

SafeZone has four buttons that can be used to obtain information or request assistance from Security Officers when you travel overseas:

  • First Aid
  • Help
  • Emergency
  • Information

Please note: The following section shows you how to use SafeZone abroad. The app works differently if you are using SafeZone in the UK. Once you travel outside of the UK, the buttons will automatically function as described in the drop-downs below.

Using SafeZone in the UK

If you use the SafeZone app in the UK (including on University of Bristol campus), the app works differently. 

Please note: When you leave the UK, the way the app's buttons function will automatically update for overseas use.

Find out more

For more information, visit the SafeZone website or the FAQs page.

Technical support

If you need technical support, please contact

How SafeZone works

SafeZone FAQs

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