Chemical safety

Using chemicals safely

The safe management of chemically-based materials during purchase, storage, use and disposal is outlined here.

These resources are relevant to laboratory workers and anyone working with a chemically-based substance including paints, glues and cleaning fluid who must assess whether hazardous chemicals are being used:

  • in sufficient concentration or quantity
  • in a way that poses a significant risk to either health, environment or property.


Waste and spills

Risk assessments and checklists

Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE)

RPE is used in many work situations to protect wearers from exposure to hazardous substances such as:

  • gases
  • vapours
  • mists
  • dusts
  • aerosols
  • sprays

RPE comes in many different types and must be the right one for the substance, task and work environment to provide adequate protection.

HSE and Healthy Working Lives have developed the RPE selector tool to help users select the most appropriate type of RPE for their requirements.

University policy

Read the policy on hazardous chemical management.

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