Develop with training 

Through training, staff at the University of Bristol can gain new skills, enhance knowledge, and develop professionally.

Most importantly, training protects us and the people around us by ensuring we have the competency level that’s required to deliver a role or activity safely.

Identifying training needs

There are many forms of training that you might experience. These include inductions, individual e-learning modules, group workshops, job-specific training, and formal training outside of the University.

Your training needs should be identified before you start working in a new role and reassessed periodically as your work progresses.

Most training should be booked through Develop.

Health and Safety essentials

Workstations and DSE

Fire safety

Biological, chemical and laboratories


Request an appointment for RPE face-fitting

You need to wear Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) when carrying out certain types of research. It will be recorded in your risk assessments if you need to wear RPE.

Each person must have RPE fitted for them specifically. Wearing poorly fitting face-pieces gives reduced protection from airborne hazards and increases the risk of leaks.

Book a course

Visit Develop to book a course, or contact us to: 

  • suggest a training topic
  • request local training for a group
  • discuss any aspect of training or competency further
  • book a course that's not listed on Develop

Protection from radiation

Health and safety training takes a wide variety of forms, and one example is radiation protection training.

Every year, we provide radiation protection training for:

  • 500+ existing radiation workers
  • 50+ new radiation workers

empowering them to stay safe during their work at the University.

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