Travel and working off-site

Travelling and working for the University off-site

Restrictions for travelling as part of your work

Travel restrictions can change overnight. Please ensure you check the latest information:

  • when planning your trip
  • when booking
  • again before departure

Approval for travel

Get approval for international travel using the Global Travel Approval system or visit the Global Travel SharePoint site for more information. 

This approval process is to be used for all staff and student travel other than placements organised by the Global Opportunities team.

Using SafeZone abroad

Learn when, how and why to use SafeZone for travel, the safety app for staff and students who are travelling internationally.


Visit the workstations and DSE page to access resources for setting up your workstation correctly while you travel or work off-site.

What you need to know about travelling on behalf of the University

University of Bristol personnel work off-site for a wide range of reasons, from international research trips to student placements. 

Travel restrictions, travel corridors and risk levels are constantly changing, and the purpose, benefits and risks associated with University-related travel must be considered and assessed accordingly.

Travel and off-site health and safety

Guidance and resources to help you stay safe while working away from campus.

What to do if something goes wrong

Procedures for responding to incidents or emergencies.

Planning domestic travel

Infromation to help you plan domestic travel on behalf of the University.


The University expects staff and associates to avoid all non-essential travel and to consider alternatives to travel (such as video conferencing) where this is possible.

Read more about the University's Sustainability Strategy.

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