Library Services study seat booking system

This information will help you to understand how our study seat booking system works and what you will need to do when using it.

To ensure fair access to our facilities, if you wish to study in a library or study centre, you must book a specific seat in advance. 

Please use this link to request a study seat. The seats bookable via this page are for silent study only

There is also an option to book interactive online learning spaces (for participation in online seminars and tutorials). These are situated on the first floor of the Beacon House Study Centre. Book an interactive online learning space using this link.

Service eligibility  

This service is only available to University of Bristol Students. Currently we are unable to offer bookable seats to day visitors or Sconul members. 

How to book your study seat 

To book a study seat, please use one of the links above. You will be re-directed to LibCal, our seat booking software.  

Most bookable slots will be 2 hours long, but some will be slightly shorter or longer to factor in opening/closing times.

Seats can be booked up to two weeks in advance.  

There are different types of study seat available, including individual armchairs with laptop tables, desks with PCs, desks with power sockets and some without power, as well as interactive online learning spaces. Check the description of the seat at the time of booking to ensure that it matches what you need.   

Available slots are shown in real time.   

Booking limits

As use of library study spaces is anticipated to be at a low level over the summer months, the weekly booking allocation has been temporarily suspended. There is currently no limit to the number of slots that can be booked each week.
Demand for study space will continue to be regularly reviewed over the vacation and booking limits may be reintroduced if necessary to ensure equitable access to our spaces.

On the day of your seat booking 

On arrival you must check into the space desk to ‘claim’ the booking. Do this by scanning the seat's unique QR code.  

Scanning a QR code is really easy on most Apple and Android mobile phones – just point your camera app at the code. Some older mobiles will require you to install an app to do this; simply search ‘QR reader’ on the Google Play or Apple App Store to find an app.  

You must only sit at the desk you've booked; we ask that furniture is not moved as spaces have been laid out to support Covid Secure working.  

If you are unable to make the slot you've booked, please cancel your booking so that it’s available for other students. If you do not cancel your booking you will lose this proportion of your weekly booking allocation.   

In addition, to ensure everyone’s safety, the following rules must be followed: 

  • Seats must be vacated promptly at the end of each booking. You are responsible for cleaning the desk you have used prior to check out. Cleaning stations are available in each study area.  

  • Please observe social distancing during your visit.  

  • In line with UK Government Advice and University regulations, unless you are exempt, you must wear a face covering in all areas of the library including whilst seated at a study desk. This must cover both nose and mouth.  

  • Please note that food is not permitted in the library, and all drinks must be lidded. Face coverings may be lowered to facilitate drinking but should not be removed. 
  • We ask that you do not take up your booking if you are feeling unwell or have any symptoms of Covid-19.     


If you have questions about seat booking email


Study seat booking form - silent study

Use this form to request a study seat in one of our libraries or study centres. The seats bookable via this form are for silent study only

Study seat booking form - interactive online learning zone

The first floor of Beacon House is designated for those that need to engage with online learning, such as participation in seminars and tutorials.

Study spaces on this floor are not suitable for silent study.

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