Students as producers

Involving students in producing educational material, or as researchers in their own right, are not new ideas. Teaching is recognised as being a great way to learn. Involvement in authentic research can be an effective motivator as well as providing learning opportunities.

Digital technologies provide new opportunities in these areas: widening access to resources, supporting many forms of collaboration, and lowering the cost of production of high-quality materials.


You may find it helpful to consider the following:

  • Aims: What are your aims in doing this?
  • Motivator: What will be the motivator for students to produce the work (for example, assessment)?
  • Audience: Who will be the audience for the material produced by the students?
  • Resources: Are there existing resources they should contribute to, build on, or use as reference (for example, contributing to Wikipedia)?
  • Skills & support: What skills will students need or need to develop? What support will be needed?
  • Technology: Is the technology available and are there any associated costs?

Case studies

Further reading

2 students presenting to a small audience.

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