Our current projects are listed below, along with selected past projects. If you are running, or thinking about running, a digital education project we'd love to hear about it. We can help with a range of things (resources permitting), such as:

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Active projects

You can also view a list of our recently completed projects.

ProjectDetailsScaleExpected completion
Augmented reporting A project for summer 2020 and the academic year 2020/21 to extend our ability to assess activity within the digital environment and so better support students. Augmented reporting will offer a series of reports which will generate actionable data for key roles. University-wide Summer 2020
Bb Annotate - new Blackboard inline marking tool Replacement of Box View with Bb Annotate, an improved inline marking tool for providing feedback annotations. University-wide August 2020
Blackboard course review  Blackboard course reviews are being promoted. These are an opportunity both to check courses meet basic standards and to further improve the experience of both students and staff. University-wide Ongoing
Blackboard packages for summer exams Following a review of feedback from schools on the January assessment period, the DEO is working with the Exams Office to implement a standard package for exams in which students are required to submit files in Blackboard,  to provide greater consistency and clarity for students. University wide July 2021
Blackboard upgrade Between 5 pm on Wednesday 5th August and midday on Thursday 6th August. The upgrade brings a range of performance and feature improvements, as well as important bug fixes. The core Blackboard functionality and interface will remain the same. University-wide August 2020
Bristol Futures Open Courses Taken by hundreds of Bristol students completing the Bristol PLUS award as well as members of the public around the world, the open courses are available on the FutureLearn platform. We worked with academics across the University to develop them and now manage and support the running of the courses. University-wide Ongoing
Closed Captions Service (RePlay) We are working with Mediasite (suppliers of RePlay) to integrate a service which will enable all recordings within RePlay to be closed-captioned through Automated Speech Recognition. As part of this project we will also be making available the inbuilt caption editor for all staff. University-wide September 2020
Core standards To develop a set of expectations and recommendations for the use of the digital environment for schools who are not adopting the new Blackboard templates. University-wide Ongoing
Core toolset Alongside work to extend the functionality of the digital environment, this short project will develop guidance on the recommended tools staff should use for key activities. University-wide Ongoing
Digital Design course We have been working in partnership with Professor Tansy Jessop, PVC Education, the BILT and CREATE teams and digital champions to develop and deliver the Digital Design Course. This ran in May, June and July and is available as a self-study course in August. University-wide Ongoing
Digital Experience Insights Survey We ran three surveys to assess the quality of our digital provision and identify areas for improvement. University-wide December 2020
Digitally Ready A student introduction to the Bristol virtual learning experience to equip them with the tools and competencies needed to confidently start their online studies at Bristol. University-wide Autumn 2020
Dynamic Lab Manuals We are working with the School of Chemistry to develop and update their Dynamic Lab Manuals School based December 2020
Electronic management of assessment (EMA) We will offer dedicated support to schools to review current approaches to coursework submission and marking, and support implementation of standardised workflows for electronic management of assessment (EMA). This project will be phased over three years from 2017-18. University-wide July 2020
Online assessment platform requirements (including remote proctoring and invigilation) A short requirements-gathering exercise to assess what faculty requirements for remote, high stakes assessment. University-wide Ongoing
Pilot of Blackboard test templates for exams The DEO is working with the Faculty of Engineering and the Exams Office to create a series of Blackboard test templates for summer exams. These will standardise the test settings, enabling consistency and parity of student experience, and provide personalised views of assessment timings. Faculty of Engineering July 2021
Rich Media in Education Using the Re/Play desktop recorder to examine how using rich media can change teaching and learning in face to face and other sessions. University-wide Ongoing
Student Digital Champions 12 student digital champions from across all faculties in the university are reaching out to students, channeling the student voice straight to the DEO. Their focus is on student engagement, motivation and feelings of community when learning online. University-wide Ongoing
Student Lifecycle Support Programme changes 2019 The Student Lifecycle Support (SLS) Programme is implementing changes that will impact the use of Blackboard. University-wide September 2020
Student orientation We are creating a Student Orientation course for the start of the 20/21 academic year. This course will be an engaging opportunity for students to get to know Blackboard, and equip themselves with the tools and competencies needed to confidently start their online studies at Bristol. University-wide September 2020
TQEC Programme development We will be working with programme teams to embed digital approaches in programmes due to be taught at TQEC. School based Ongoing
Using Microsoft Teams in Education We are talking with staff to find out how Microsoft Teams (introduced in April 2020) can complement our current set of online learning tools. University-wide Ongoing


Blackboard templates for summer exams