Case Study: Pair report writing using a wiki


School of Modern Languages
Faculty of Arts
University of Bristol

Tools used


Hélène Duranton,


  • To enhance language learning and writing skills through peer review and collaboration
  • To increase students' active involvement in their language learning
  • To add a variety of media (including audio and video) to a written report
  • To disseminate vital information and first-hand advice to students preparing for the year of Study in Continental Europe


When groups of Science students enrolled on the Study in Continental Europe Programme return from their year abroad in France, they are offered the option to study a French for Business and Professional Purposes unit at the Language Centre. Part of the assessment for this 10 credit unit is to write a 1,500 word report on their experiences in France.

What was done

The report writing exercise was changed through the introduction of a wiki, available on the existing Blackboard course supporting the unit.  Students collaborate in pairs to produce a joint assessed report.


The flexible nature of the Wiki and its open editing quality can, with very little initial training needed, provide invaluable opportunities for students' active involvement in their language learning.  The wiki helps students to develop their collaborative skills in the writing and editing processes, as well as offer them a sense of ownership and belonging to a community.

Some advantages of using the wiki:

  • Flexibility in the use of media, students are encouraged to research the internet and add audio, video or images
  • Re-usability in other courses, for students who are preparing to go to France
  • Opportunity to export content in other formats
  • Increase student interaction and collaboration through writing