Course design

The Digital Education Office can help you make the most of technology enhanced learning in your unit(s) or programme, including optimising the design of your Blackboard courses.

We can provide consultation, advice, support and training whether as part of a small targeted intervention, a Unit or Programme review, a School level initiative or within a Curriculum Review and Development process.

Blackboard course review

A Blackboard course review is on the one hand a sort of MOT, to make sure for example that your Blackboard courses meet basic standards, but it will also provide an opportunity to go beyond the basics, further improving the experience of both students and staff.


  1. Contact us to request a Blackboard course review, with details of the unit(s) / programme and any particular concerns you have
  2. We will get in touch with you to arrange an initial discussion to find out more
  3. We will agree a plan with you, to ensure that all relevant aspects are considered. Part of this will normally be a review of relevant Blackboard courses against our core standards for online course spaces
  4. Once we have carried out the review we will send you our recommendations, together with links to supporting resources or other suggestions for implementing the improvements eg staff training
  5. We will meet with you to discuss the recommendations and next steps

Unit and programme design 90 min workshops

If you are redesigning a unit or programme you might want to consider an ABC workshop. These 90 minute sessions can help you to plan a unit, or group of related units, and consider where digital technology might best be used.

Based on the method developed by Clive Young and Nataša Perović at UCL, we've used this to work on both traditional and fully online courses. For more information see the ABC curriculum design video from UCL (4 minutes) or contact us.

Related guidance / resources

Course design workshops

If you would like tailored training, for example for your programme or School, please contact us.