FLIMfit is an analysis software for fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) experiments.

It allows the fitting of multiexponential models to time resolved data, and can incorporate image segmentation. The efficient fitting algorithm allows global analysis of large data sets to be performed in under a minute.


  • Pixel-wise, global binning or global fitting of data sets.
  • Fitting of monoexponential or complex decay profiles with multiple exponential decay components.
  • Linking of model parameters e.g. for the fitting of complex FRET donor decays.
  • Incorporation of image segmentation routines to aid analysis of data.
  • Generation of false colour maps of any model parameter.
  • Plotting of parameters and generation of histograms.


  • Compatible with PicoQuant .ptu files – no conversion of data required.
  • Fast, efficient algorithm allows large datasets to be fitted with complex models quickly.
  • Automatic plotting of any fitted parameter and user defined grouping of data.
  • ‘Gallery view’ of fitted results allows user to view all images together.


  • Guidelines for citing FLIMfit can be found on the downloads page for the latest version, here.


  • Open source and free to download.
  • Elevated user rights required if you want to install on your own machine.
  • Available on image processing computers in C27/U (Data analysis suite). Access to computers can be booked on PPMS. 

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