Arivis is a software package for visualisation, processing, and analysis of multidimensional images.

Especially suited to viewing very large image stacks (10s to 100s of GB). It has capability for volumetric and surface renders of images/movies. It can be used to segment objects and measure shape descriptors (including volume, surface area and ellipticity). 


  • Stitching and alignment of multiple image stacks.
  • Built-in modular analysis functionality spanning a wide range of image processing algorithms. These include morphological filtering, denoising, thresholding, and pixel classification.
  • Object-based analysis, allowing objects to be identified then quantified in terms of image intensity, size, and shape (amongst others).
  • Compatible with Leica .lif files and Zeiss .czi files.
  • Python and MATLAB scripting interface.


  • Highly suited to visualising and processing very large datasets due to high-performance rendering capability.
  • Compatible with Zeiss .czi image format produced by lightsheet microscope and Leica .lif format produced by Wolfson Bioimaging confocal and widefield microscopes.
  • Compatible with Ilastik image classification models.
  • Functionality can be extended through Python and MATLAB scripting interface.


  • Single license available in facility and no free version for home/personal use.


  • Commercial software requiring a license.
  • Additional functionality (colocalisation, object tracking and batch processing) requires further module licences.
  • Available on 'Stelzer' image processing computer in Phase II lobby area. Access to this computer can be booked on PPMS. Priority is given to lightsheet microscope users.

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