Amira is a software package designed for segmentation, visualisation and quantification of 3D and 4D imaging data, in particular, electron microscopy data.

The version available in the facility includes specific packages for life science image processing and analysis.


  • Microscopy specific image formats supported.
  • Interactive high quality volume visualisation with orthogonal and oblique slices, volume and surface rendering, isolines and isosurfaces
  • 2D and 3D image filtering. 
  • Interactive and automatic segmentation with dedicated editors for filament tracing, 3D image fusion and co-registration
  • Image processing and analysis features, including co-localisation, segmentation, photobleach correction and 3D visualisation.
  • Statistical and measurement data with integration of MATLAB scripts and output to Excel format etc.
  • Video generation and animations


  • Electron microscopy data friendly
  • Intuitive wizards for parameter selection and processing.


  • One fixed license in the facility, one floating license available but requires powerful computer to run smoothly.


  • Commercial software requiring a license.
  • Additional functionality requires further module licences.
  • Available on image processing computer in room C27/U (Data analysis suite). 

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