Annual progress monitoring

As a postgraduate research student, you will do an annual progress monitoring (APM) review every year. This page covers what you must do to complete your APM and how.

The purpose of an annual progress monitoring (APM) is to:

  • see if you are on track to meet the award criteria
  • ensure you have appropriate support around you
  • see how much progress you have made.

1. Set a date for your APM

It is your responsibility to organise an APM with your reviewer.

You will receive a notification email beforehand. This email will remind you to submit your paperwork and set up a meeting. You will not receive any other reminders.

You can find out who your reviewer is on your APM review form. You may have more than one reviewer.

2. Submit your APM review form

Submit the review form and your report at least 2 weeks before the meeting.

You must submit the form or save your progress before the system times out or you will need to start again.

  1. Log in to begin your review.
  2. Select edit review.
    • If you have more than one review listed, your active review is the one that says details confirmed by administrator.
    • You can select to view details for previous reviews.
  3. Read the guidance, then select continue.
  4. Complete the review form. You must complete all fields marked with an asterisk (*).
    • Select save and exit if you want to save your progress and complete your review at another time.
    • Or select save and continue to save without exiting.
  5. Upload your supporting documents, then select continue.
  6. Enter the date of your meeting.
  7. Submit your completed review form. The reviewer can see what you have written.

3. Have your APM

The questions you get asked will depend on your course, school and faculty.

Your reviewer and supervisor will submit their feedback and recommend an outcome.

The system will prompt you to comment on their feedback.


Usually, your APM will likely have one of these outcomes:

4. Submit your feedback

  1. Log in to submit your feedback.
  2. Select add feedback.
  3. Read the guidance, then select continue.
  4. Read through the comments from your reviewer and supervisor.
  5. Complete the form. You must complete all fields marked with an asterisk (*)

At this stage you can choose to refer your APM review to your faculty’s PGR Director.

  1. Once you have finished adding your comments, select submit.
  2. The PGR Director for your school will review your APM form and the feedback. They will add their comments. Your APM review will be complete.

Medical school students: Your tutor will also be able to see your APM review form and add their comments at this stage.

When to delay your APM

The date can only be changed if you are on:

  • Sick leave
  • short-term exceptional leave
  • on suspension

This includes submitting your review form, written work and the review meeting itself.

You must rearrange the meeting as soon as possible.

Faculty and school APM guidance

You must also refer to APM guidance from your school or faculty. They may have extra requirements; such as, when the APM should be done by and what your report must contain.

Check which faculty you are in using Student Info.

Contact your PGR administration team if you have any questions about your APM review.

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