Exams and assessments

Information about exams and assessments, including how to access your exam timetable, what you can take to an exam, what to do if you miss an exam or have a problem on the day and how to access your results.

Exam timetable

Find out how to access your personalised exam timetable.

What to take to the exam

Find out what you can and cannot take into exams on campus.

Absence or illness

Get help if you are unwell or will be absent from your exam.

Problems during your exam

Get help if you have problems during your exam, including disturbances and paper errors.

Rules and regulations

Read the rules and regulations that govern your exams and assessments.

Alternative exam arrangements

How alternative exam arrangements work and how to check if yours are in place for your exam.

Assessment details

Information on how and when you will be assessed, as well as how to approach each type of assessment.

View your results

View your assessment marks, unit results and programme outcome or award.

Resits and supplementary assessments

What happens when you are required to resit an exam or undertake a re-assessment.

PGR assessments

Guidance for research degree students on your viva, receiving feedback, and submitting your dissertation.

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