View your payment receipts

How to view your payment history and receipts in your financial statement.

You can now view and download receipts for payments you have made to the University via your financial statement. These receipts can be stored for your own records or forwarded on if a third-party has made a payment on your behalf.

How to view and download your payment receipts

  1. Go to the main transaction list of the transaction category (e.g. tuition) you wish to download a statement for.
  2. Select Download under the Action column to download an individual transaction statement; or select Download statement at the bottom of the page to download a statement in full.
  3. This will download a PDF statement of your transaction(s).

Repeat these steps as often as required for the transactions you wish to download.

When transactions will appear in your statement

Due to processing times, some payment types may take longer to appear in your transaction list:

  • One-off credit or debit card payments may take up to one working day
  • Instalment payments made via Direct Debit or recurring card payment may take up to two working days
  • Payments made via bank transfer may take up to ten working days
  • Flywire payments may take up to three working days

For more information on the various payment methods available, refer to the pay your fees page.


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