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If an external organisation - such as the NHS, a government department, charity or company - will be paying your tuition fees, you must provide confirmation of your sponsorship.

A sponsor is not a family member or friend who has agreed to pay your tuition fees

Sponsored students: what you need to do

  • Ask your sponsoring organisation to submit a Purchase Order (PO), Financial Guarantee Letter (FGL), or NHS Bursary Notification of Award letter to external-sponsors@bristol.ac.uk at the start of each academic year.
  • Failure to submit the PO/letter will result in you being liable for the course/programme fees for that year. 
  • We will only invoice your sponsor for costs explicitly mentioned on the PO/FGL. If there are mistakes or corrections needed, it is your responsibility to get this corrected and submit a new letter to external-sponsors@bristol.ac.uk as soon as possible. 
  • You must comply with any requests made by your sponsor. 
  • If your sponsoring organisation requires further information, ask them to email external-sponsors@bristol.ac.uk

Once you have registered for your programme, we will invoice your sponsor for your tuition fees.

You will be considered liable for all fees until we receive official confirmation from your sponsor. 

Information required from your sponsor

Your sponsor letter, Financial Guarantee letter or Purchase Order confirms your sponsor's commitment for funding.

This document must be addressed to University of Bristol on official headed paper from your sponsor’s organisation, and must include:

  • your name
  • your programme or course of study
  • the name and contact details of your official financial sponsor
  • the date the letter was issued
  • the length of the sponsorship and which academic years it’s valid for
  • either the amount of sponsorship and breakdown of what it is to be applied to, for example tuition fees and/or bench fees
  • the Purchase Order or internal reference number

or must state that the sponsor will meet the full cost of tuition fees and any additional course/programme.

If no breakdown is provided, we will apply the full amount to tuition fees and any remaining to bench fees (if applicable). It is your responsibility to provide this breakdown from your sponsor.

It is your responsibility that your fees are paid by you and/or your sponsor. We will only continue to recognise an organisation as your sponsor if payments are made promptly. If your sponsor fails to pay, the debt may be transferred to you and could prevent graduation. 


Tuition fee amount: Contact your faculty

Payments and refunds: external-sponsors@bristol.ac.uk

Late or missed payments: finance-creditcontrol@bristol.ac.uk

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