Electrical safety

We expect you to take responsibility for your safety and be considerate towards other students, staff and visitors. You should make sure you have read and understand the electrical safety regulations and procedures.

Keeping you safe

All University accommodation is regularly checked for electrical and gas safety.

How to stay safe from electrical faults in your University accommodation

  • Make sure that any electrical equipment you use has no exposed wires and is safe to use.
  • Do not use frayed or damaged leads, plugs or casing, where wiring is exposed.
  • All electrical appliances must have a fuse.
  • Turn off electrical equipment when you are not using it, especially when you are out of your room, as they can overheat and cause a fire.
  • Never put metal implements in a toaster if it is still connected to the electricity supply.
  • Do not put anything metal in the microwave.

What to do if University property has an electrical fault

If you think an item of University property has an electrical fault, you need to switch it off at the plug and report it immediately via the method detailed on the request a repair or maintenance page.

Do not try to repair or modify any electrical equipment yourself.

Your electrical equipment

If you bring any of your own electrical equipment into your accommodation, you are responsible for its safety. It must be British Standard approved (look for the BSI kitemark), correctly wired and suitable for the UK's electricity supply, which is 220-224 volts.

The University has a legal right to inspect your electrical equipment. If they believe the equipment poses a risk, then it will be removed, or you will be asked to remove it.

Do not use electrical equipment in the bathroom or shower, unless it is designed for that purpose.

Electrical items you are not allowed

These electrical items are not allowed in rooms:

  • heaters
  • cooking equipment
  • fridges (unless for a medical reason, in which case a suitable fridge will be provided by the University)
  • multi-socket adaptors

These items will be removed and put into storage.

Mains extension leads can be used, provided you use no more than one lead per socket. The load on the extension should be no more than 13 amps. Make sure cables are positioned carefully so no one will trip over them.

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