Make an appointment

Book appointments by phone, online or get non-urgent advice. You can also request letters, reports, and results. Any information you give is completely confidential. We will not share information with the University without your consent.

Self-help for common problems

Before you make an appointment, check our page on self-help for common medical problems

Worried about your appointment?

We usually start by offering a telephone call for convenience but will ask you to come in for an in-person assessment if needed. Please speak to reception if you would prefer a face-to-face appointment. We will usually be able to offer you either although some of our staff will occasionally be working from home.
If you feel very nervous waiting in the waiting room or find it overwhelming e.g. if you are autistic, let staff know as we have a quieter waiting area you can use. You can download and print an "I am autistic" card from Autism UK if you would like to use it to let staff know you may need a little extra support or a quiet space.
If English is not your first language, we can use translators to help you- this is a confidential translation telephone service offered by the NHS.

Reports, letters, and documents

Use this quick online form, email our office at or phone +44 0117 3302720 - option 2

Check your own blood pressure and weight without an appointment

Behind a screen in our waiting room is the "Clinical Corner". This is where you can check your own blood pressure, weight and pulse using the machine. The results will be added to your records for your doctor or nurse to see. You can use this without any appointment any time we are open during the week. 

If possible, please do not make an appointment if you know you will be driving, as there is a much higher chance of accidents even using the phone on hands-free. If you take a call from us while driving we will ask you to pull over or, if that's not possible, we may ask you to rebook your appointment.

Make an appointment by phone

Phone +44 (0)117 3302720 and select option 1.
If you have an urgent problem, call as early as you can from 8.45 am
If your problem is not urgent, you can book ahead or use the online form instead.
Our reception team may ask you some questions about your problem so that they can give you an appointment with the right person. Depending on your problem, we may also recommend getting help from a chemist or other service. 

Make an appointment online

You will receive a text from us once your registration with the Students' Health Service is complete. You can then register to book appointments using either the NHS App or Patient Access.

Both will allow you to see your medical record, find local services and order prescriptions.
For Patient Access, we will email you an activation code once your identity has been confirmed over the phone, or you can do this in person 
For the NHS App, you can upload the identification directly

The online booking system shows available appointments. It also shows the names of the doctors or nurses. You can book appointments a few weeks in advance. You cannot book coil or implant fitting or same-day appointments online - instead, make an appointment by phone.

Non-urgent medical problems

Registered patients can use this online form. The service only operates during working hours. You do not need to download an app or create an account. We will aim to reply within 2 working days and let you know the next steps. 
Get a step-by-step demonstration of how to use the online form, or watch a YouTube Video 

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