Accommodation for returning students

Returner accommodation is for students who have either previously studied at the University or have previously lived University accommodation for any length of time.

Who are returning students?

You are a returning student if: 

  • You are a current student. 
  • You have previously studied at the University of Bristol, for any length of time, either online or in person. 
  • You have previously moved into University accommodation, for any length of time, for example before suspending your studies.

When to apply for returner accommodation

Check our key dates to find out when you can apply for returner accommodation.

Students on the International Foundation Programme

If you are an International Foundation Programme student due to go onto your main programme of study, you are guaranteed an offer of returner accommodation, providing you apply by the application deadline. If you apply after the deadline, you will no longer be able to apply for University accommodation and you will need to find accommodation in the private sector. 

All other students 

Returner accommodation is extremely limited, so we strongly recommend you find accommodation in the private sector.

If you feel you need to stay in University accommodation - for example due to a disability, health condition or other circumstances which mean accommodation in the private sector isn't suitable for you - it is essential that you include this information in your application.

If you do this, we will prioritise your application, but we cannot guarantee you an offer of accommodation due to the extremely limited availability. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to look for accommodation in the private sector alongside your returner application.

Where do returning students live? 

We do not have any designated residences for returning students only. Returning students live in University residences alongside students in their first year of study. You can let us know if you would prefer to be in a flat with other returners or new students, but we cannot guarantee to meet this request.  

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