Accommodation for semester 2 only

Find out how to apply for University accommodation for Semester 2. Tenancies run from 24 January 2024 to the end of the 2023/24 academic year.

Current students or students who are joining the University in January 2024 can apply for Semester 2 accommodation, subject to availability.

The tenancy dates for Semester 2 accommodation will be from 24 January 2024 to the 2023/24 tenancy end date for the residence. To view the tenancy end dates, visit our residences pages.

Semester 2 accommodation costs

View our Semester 2 accommodation costs for January entry 2024.

Study Abroad accommodation guarantee

Find out who is and is not guaranteed accommodation in semester 2 in our Study Abroad accommodation guarantee.

When to apply and when you may receive an offer

Check our key dates for accommodation to find out when to apply and when you may receive an offer.

How to apply

To apply for Semester 2 accommodation, you must have received and accepted a firm offer of study from the University.

Follow our instructions on how to apply for accommodation.

Finding private rented accommodation

For students who are not guaranteed an offer of University accommodation, we recommend that you look for accommodation in the private sector as a priority.

For detailed resources and house-hunting tips, visit the Finding private rented accommodation pages.

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